Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CBS: Know Your Audience

"There was even “Saturday Jericho Game Night,” as well as a “Two Old Ladies of Jericho” chat. Back in August, Remote Access asked two Jericho fans to guest-blog on their website; they accepted but approached the task from the fictitious eyes of “Edna and Margie,” portrayed as two of Jericho’s oldest residents. The humorous, gossip-filled blog became both a must-read for Jericho fans and made “Edna and Margie” instant Jericho celebrities."


CBS is the real story for many of us. It was shown by Katie Couric's ratings that CBS does have an older audience but they keep trying to grab the 18-49 group.

Once again we see that CBS does not know their audience and they won't until they stop relying on Nielsen. Maybe not even then. Also, I've been told that many CBS affiliates did not air Jericho on Sat. night

"The real story here for me is CBS. And I’m sure I’ll take some hate mail for it, but the problem this network faces is in attracting 18-49 viewers. Indeed, CBS came in last or next to last (beating only the CW) in the 18-49 demo every single half hour of Sunday night. The problem is that on this Sunday, at least two of the four shows it aired, Big Brother and Dexter are aimed at younger people. How bad is the problem? It’s really bad. In the 7:30p half hour, 60 Minutes had 13.12 million people tuned in and American Gladiators had only 6.94 million and still beat CBS handily in the 18-49 demo.

What happened to Big Brother? It finished next to last, in both viewers AND the 18-49 demo, beating only the CW. What happened to Dexter? It finished last (by 10pm, FOX and CW were off the primetime grid or it would have at least thrashed the CW) in viewers and the 18-49 demo.

Dexter did a bit better than Jericho and it also did better than Big Brother, but all three of these shows have the same problem, they seem to be targeted at an audience who don’t actually watch CBS much. "

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