Saturday, February 23, 2008

CBS: Cross Eyed

"Someone’s drinking the kool-aid if they think that because the problem is precisely not a problem of fans “coming back.” The fans are already there, roughly 5 million of them. The problem is that CBS has failed to attract new viewers.

So, here’s the idea that brought it in to focus for me. In order for this show to be saved, we know that they need more than the 7 million or so that watched the premiere (because folks told us that 7million was mediocre, remember?). So, let’s arbitrarily set a number, say 9 million viewers, that would get CBS’s attention enough to give the show another chance at a third season.

This means that CBS would expect approximately 3-4 million additional viewers to tune in to Jericho at 10pm EST than tuned in for Big Brother, their primetime lead-in show, in the previous hour. On a Tuesday night.

I’m sorry, that’s just crazy."

"As a part of CBS's belief and commitment to Jericho, its doing a tie in with Big Brother this coming week with the Jericho episode airing on Tuesday (2/26) - BB house guests will have a task to do related to Jericho.

A lot of the points about new media and alternate viewing platforms we have been making are coming to light - Jericho's position on the iTunes chart is great (for both episodes 2.1 and 2.2). The numbers CBS is seeing from views on innerTube are great."

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SaveJake said...

Let me say again here, I can't believe CBS is looking for the same numbers as they were last May. Last year there were 40 million Nielsen viewers watching TV. Well, we know it was only several thousand but they represented many million! It seems to me that the ratings are showing a drop in total viewership. We thought the strike was a blessing. I think it was a curse and I truly hope CBS is wise enough to look deeply into all the numbers.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks savejake. I agree with you about the strike. We thought people would want something new to watch but they had already deserted their TV networks. The numbers are down all around and I hope CBS knows.

Matt said...

I know only two episodes have had aired so far (3 if you count it being leaked), but I thought it would be too make a list of what you have liked so far.

For me it would have to be:

--- The Acting. The acting has always been good but, this season, the actors and actresses are acting with more emotion. You can really tell they are happy to be back on TV and it shows.

--- It is better paced. The show is moving at better pace (partly due to the fact there are only seven episodes), but it is much better than slow paced television shows.

My website:

SaveJake said...

It would be easier for me to list the things I don't like...

~ It's only on once a week.
~ I only have five more episodes this season.
~ The rating numbers......!