Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jericho: Condor

Amy at RemoteAccess discusses preparing for tonight's episode: Condor.

More here.

Great article from the New York Times:

"The postapocalyptic fantasy “Jericho” has returned for a second season more pungent and more pointed than its first. (As a matter of procedure we properly ought to start by thanking the fanatics who borrowed from the show’s spirit of communitarianism, sending CBS executives 20 tons of peanuts to rescue the series from cancellation.)"

"New television sets being manufactured this year are being equipped with outlets that will allow users to connect the sets directly to the Internet, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Monday). The connectors will eventually allow them to receive television shows on demand, as well as weather forecasts, stock quotes, and YouTube videos, the newspaper noted. George Kliavkoff, NBC Universal's chief digital officer, told the Times that while most consumers have shied away from additional set-top boxes for such programming, a connection built into the TV set is likely to have a chance. "It brings the ability to have unlimited channel capacity, personalized channels -- a celestial video jukebox in the sky," he said. David Eun, Google's vice president of content partnerships, added, "This is about making content accessible to as many viewers as possible."

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