Sunday, March 16, 2008

Joining Nielsen

"Nielsen, the television ratings monopolist, finally made its way to my mom. She called me, THRILLED that she had been selected to be a Nielsen family! When I think Nielsen, i think set-top boxes that measure your every channel surf, so I asked if they were going to help her with the installation of the box. She said that she was supposed to just write down what she’s watching every minute of the day. WHAT? I assumed she was embroiled in some mail-in phishing operation, but when I got there and looked at her paperwork — it was legit. Nielsen sent her $15 and a little paper diary so that she could record what she watched, exactly when she changed the channel, when she channel-surfed, where she ended up and for how long, etc. I simply could not believe that that is what was behind the billion-dollar advertising decisions that marketers make."


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delana201 said...

Many, many years ago I was chosen to be a Nielsen family and also had the paper diary to fill out. It's unbelievable that they're still doing the same thing 40 years later with all the technological progress that's been made. I admit that I lied in my diary. Sometimes I'd forget to write in what we watched, so I'd just write in any intellectual sounding show. I'm sure that's still done today.