Thursday, March 20, 2008

TV Commercials: Too Loud

"Evidently there's still confusion in the marketplace about what works online, particularly when it comes to video advertising. Two panels at the Ad Age Digital Conference addressed the proliferation of video across different screens and the issues marketers are still grappling with on these new platforms."

"The other day someone was trying to tell me that TV commercials are much louder than the shows we watch, but I couldn't hear them over the ad that was playing on the television at the time.

In fact, it's not just on television any more. I was watching a Supernatural episode from the CW website and was assaulted with ads that were much louder than the show through my own computer - and that's what got me going on today's Screen Rant.

TV Commercials Are Too Loud, But Don't Ask The TV Stations About It

Television commercial volumes (I'm using TV as my common reference) are too loud and without a doubt, we know it, but according to your local television station, they effectively insult us by telling us we are wrong."

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Anonymous said...

Have you noticed? The TV stations are grabbing so much commercial money that they don't even finish one commercial before they push another one in your face and your ears!

How stupid do they think the public is? You can't even watch a TV program any more without have LOUD abnoxious ads shoved at you.

I don't even buy the products any longer that the TV stations advertise. Who wants a product that is forced upon you and abuses your time and ears!