Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jericho, Network Ratings, and Troops

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Rich does it again:
"Paint By Numbers:Network Ratings"

"No, it’s mostly odd because the new Nielsen “everyone counts” concept doesn’t resonate with people who will watch Jericho Season 2, who once watched The Black Donnellys, or who once watched a half dozen other programs that have since been slashed for poor ratings."

Jericho Rangers for Our Troops

Thanks to kystorms

Hey Nielsen Coming In Sept.

"Now the world's biggest researcher is launching "Hey! Nielsen," a new online social community where people can discuss - and influence - TV, music, movies, Internet sites and celebrities. "Part opinion engine, part social network, and part buzz tracker, Hey! Nielsen is the place to share opinions on your favorite entertainment," reads the description on the beta version of the site, which is currently open only to Nielsen employees, but which will go public by the end of September."
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