Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jerichon and Jericho Kansas Inc.

*** Announcement***
I am happy to report that Fan Central has established a Jericho Ranger of the Week project. This is totally separate from the JerichoMonster Fan of the Week so you have a chance of being selected from both places. Thanks.


There is a very real possibility that the Jerichon Convention may not take place if the organizers don't receive at least 50 more pre-registrations before the September 1st deadline. Come on Rangers! We were able to send 20 tons of nuts to CBS, certainly we can get 50 more people to commit to coming to the convention! I know, I can't really afford it either, but I'm going anyway especially since my flight reservations are not refundable. So, carpool if you can, share rooms or whatever it takes. We need to make this a success to ensure future conventions and to show CBS how dedicated we are to Jericho.

Spread the word - GO TO JERICHON 07!!

The Donation page for the DVD project has moved here.

"Jericho Kansas Inc. is now a California Corporation (Corp. ID #3009488). Also, we have chosen our founding Board of Directors and Initial Officers. A short bio of our Directors/Officers can be found here."

"While we have your attention, we would like to address a few of the concerns that have been posted on the various Jericho forums:

1. We are not trying to form the *official* or *only* Jericho Fan Club.

2. Jericho Kansas is not an exclusive club. Our mailing list is open to all. To sign up go here. The mailing list will keep you up-to-date with the progress we are making on our non-profit status and will announce when we are open for memberships.

3. This corporation is not for personal gain. We are forming a non-profit corporation, which by definition, has assets that are irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes.

4. We are taking into account what the fans want, by keeping track of concerns that the fans have expressed and forming a Fans Advisory Committee.

5. We are forming this club slowly to make sure that all concerns are addressed and that all legal procedures are followed. We regret that it is taking so long, but we want to do this right!"

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