Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leslie Moonves: Forget Jericho ?

"It is almost impossible to look at the history of this show and deduce that it has been handled anything but badly from the very beginning. Of late CBS has exhibited more poor decision making by placing the summer re-runs on a Friday night where they were almost certain to be preempted by pre-season football. These re-runs were supposed to introduce a whole new audience to the serial drama and the fans told their families, friends and whomever would listen to watch creating a troubling scenario."

"The promotional campaign for the Jericho Season One DVD was no more reassuring for the fans than the summer re-runs. In fact the release day came and went with very little fanfare prompting to ask the Question “Did You Forget Jericho”."

Many thanks to PaintedHors1 for this:

"Overwhelmingly, there is a feeling that CBS is not supporting Jericho. Several reasons were given, including; #1 lack of advertising at the corporate level for the Jericho DVD set. #2, Lack of input and update of materials available on this website (notice the re-airing dates are STILL here, and there has been no input from CBS corporate in regards to new material, direction, etc. #3, no official merchandising for Jericho. #4 will there be anything in way of a media blitz preceeding the start dates for the new episodes?

Taken individually, these are fairly random points of interest, but when you do the math here, it easily adds up to an overall lack of interest. From the very idea of only seven new episodes, which equates to only 1/3rd of a season) to no new corproate statements to Kid Nation having 100% more merchandise available from Jericho, you end up with a pretty dim picture.

It is the obvious offering to give CBS the benefit of the doubt, but considering the reletive comatose nature of the boards since the new episode annoucement, it is our belief that CBS needs to provide some information at this point. Using Nina Tasslers words, we the existing fanbase of been entrusted with the care and upkeep of growing the Jericho fan base and expanding on it. This is great, but with no input from corporate, we have a serious lack of tools available to us in order to proceed. CBS is much more in the catbird seat and could easily advertise Jericho all over the viewing schedule, and this is much more than our collective can achieve. In short, without direct input from CBS, we are spinning our wheels.

The new 7 episodes are most certainly a wonderful thing, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 7e provides barely enough time to close existing story lines/arcs, and not nearly enough time to complete a new story line. This leads me and others to feel that perhaps this is set up to fail, with CBS now being able to say "see? we told you so".

I think I can comfortably say that we ALL feel differently. I think that it is also safe to say that we need some information and updates, in order to be ready should a media blitz for the 7 new episodes ever actually come. I do not personally feel that we need to know the specific sttart date just yet, but I do think we need to know CBS's advertising plans, so that we; the people the Nina entrusted; can act accordingly.

Please everyone, take this to heart. We are at a point in time here where we have lost steam, and I believe that CBS not only knows this, but expected this. We need to rally, get the intel we need to fight from CBS, and BE READY. Yes they might not have an official start date assigned yet, but even so, if they clue us in just a little bit into what they plan to do, we can ram the show home a lot more successfully than we could without CBS's input.

Please read this everyone. Talk to each other. Post comments here. Offer suggestions and/or additional questions. We need to get motivated and we need to be prepared. Our original effort was truly a wonderful thing in that we DID NOT let up our fight. I think at this time however, the 2nd round could easily be our undoing if we don't get organized NOW."

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