Sunday, October 14, 2007

CBS: Shame On You Once Again

Excellent article from The Jericho Bulletin:

"I never trusted this corporation even after they brought Jericho back from the brink. I held my tongue only because I thought it was best for the campaign, but under the current circumstances, I fail to see why I should continue mincing words."

What has CBS done now?

It seems Pamela Reed is out of Jericho. Why? Age.

"Pamela Reed (Kindergarten Cop, HBO’s Tanner 88) hasn't been so lucky. Although she has a role on Jericho, the canceled and subsequently revived CBS drama, her contract has not been renewed. "The average age of actors on that show is under 40, and those of us over 40 are gone," she observes."

"This from CBS, a network that has built its ratings around the loyalty of older viewers and has a female, Nina Tassler, in charge of CBS Entertainment. Sadly, many female executives in positions of power aren't doing – or aren’t able to do - that much to change the state of the female acting union."

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Anonymous said...

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