Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come Home To Jericho: On DVD

Who wouldn't want to come home to this action packed drama?

How many places can you think to leave a business card?

How many places can you think to place a sticker?

How many reasons can you think of to send a postcard?

Where can you use a banner or graphic in your email?

Let's go tell the world. Find what you need here.

"CBS gambles on musical drama ‘Viva Laughlin’ and loses the jackpot"

It’s unfortunate that “Laughlin” is so inextricably bad because it does have an innovative concept. CBS is selling the show as a “mystery drama with music,” but — theater queens get ready — it’s a musical."

"Last spring, Leslie Moonves, chief executive of the CBS Corporation, delivered what several executives there described as a strong message to his programming troops: find us another hit, fast.

That urgency was something of a departure for CBS, where executives pride themselves on qualities like steadiness and stability and on an overall approach of rebuilding the network “brick by brick,” as Mr. Moonves frequently puts it."


Anonymous said...

I was talking to my eye doctor the other day. We got to talking about TV. He said he watched HEROES and HOUSE. I said that I love HOUSE too and did he ever watch JERICHO.
He said that he had never heard of JERICHO. :(
Anyway, I told him about it and I hope he'll give it a try, but who knows.
How can we reach more people???
We HAVE TO get the Nielsen ratings up or JERICHO is history.

LisiBee said...

Love the graphics, maybei. :)

LisiBee said...

anonymous, I honestly don't know what to tell you. It sounds like you're doing the best thing, which is talking up the show to people offline. There are clearly still people out there who've never heard of the show, or didn't know it was cancelled. You just never know who that might be. Keep doing what you're doing. :)

I mean, at this point, are there even any new ideas? I for one feel pretty tapped out.

Anonymous said...

judist63 here. I don't understand Les Moonves at all. He had a hit and didn't care. He had exactly what he is asking his staff for and can't see it. If he would do as he promised, advertise and promote Jericho and the dvd release and give an air date for the new seven, I think alot of this broohaha would be put to rest. I think CBS seriously needs some new blood at the top!