Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV: Losing Eyeballs

"At a time when TV is shedding viewers to the Web, the last thing the industry needs is to do something that turns more eyeballs away. Yet that’s precisely what a Hollywood writers’ strike is poised to do.

With the writers’ contract with the studios expiring on Oct. 31 and negotiations yielding little more than acrimony, Tinseltown is in a state of high anxiety. The prevailing sentiment had been that the Writers Guild of America would wait to stage a strike until next summer, when the contracts of the actors and directors guild run out, but a November walkout is looking increasingly likely. And though there's rarely an ideal time for a work stoppage, a fall strike would likely exact irreparable damage on network television, which is having trouble maintaining its relevance even with a full stable of writers at work."

If you're a fan of Hawkins see here.

Thanks kystorms.

"We MUST tell Sci-Fi THANK YOU: The Sci-Fi Channel has FINALLY scheduled reruns/repeats of the Dresden Files!! As was pointed out by a fellow fan/campaigner, they "could be testing the waters for whether or not a lot of people are wanting to watch this show."

Unless we have Nielsen boxes (I don't, I don't know about you folks), the only way the Execs at Sci-Fi/NBC will know we're watching is if we TELL them, and let's not forget - the Execs are interested in QUANTITY! We start NOW:"

Helping Dresden Helps Jericho too. More info here.

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