Monday, January 7, 2008

Jericho: Going Nuts Again

"Time to go nuts as a fan favorite returns: "Jericho" was dead as a doornail last spring, but like the flinty survivors of the town of Jericho, fans weren't about to let themselves be defeated. They organized with lightning speed and, after shipping thousands of pounds of nuts to the network (it's a reference to a defiant cry in the Season 1 finale), they got CBS to bring the show back. It returns with seven new episodes 9 p.m. Feb. 12. "Gray Anderson [Michael Gaston] steps up as the mayor and is helping to coordinate with the Cheyenne government to get [Jericho] up and running again," executive producer Carol Barbee said in a 2007 interview. "Jake [Green] … is very wary of who they are [in Cheyenne] and he ends up leading the Jericho residents in a different direction at one point."

"The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and NBC engaged in eleventh-hour sessions Sunday to try to reach an accommodation over the upcoming Golden Globes, with NBC appearing to be seriously considering pulling the telecast.

The HFPA, whose 100-odd members determine the awards each year, is pushing NBC to pull the plug on the broadcast because that will prompt the WGA to lift its pickets and enable stars to attend the Jan. 13 event. On Friday, SAG said its members would not cross picket lines to attend."

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