Monday, July 16, 2007

MySpace Tutorial

Why should a Jericho fan make a Myspace page? How about the fact that Myspace has 70 million unique visitors a month? Imagine us all working to get even a part of them interested in Jericho. How do you do it?

1. Join

2. You can then edit your profile, add pictures and/or videos, plus you get your own blog. You can use the blog to post a message about Jericho. I am not real savvy about some internet things but it really isn't difficult to get set up here.

3. I am aware that people can pimp their page but I haven't. I don't like it. If you like the pimping just try I've read several articles that say a simple page is best and I agree. Not only does it take cluttered pages longer to load but all that stuff, to me, is distracting.

4. You can add your interests, basic information, song, etc. I've kept mine simple for now. Just make sure to add something about Jericho.

5. To save time I went to groups where you'll find a search box. I typed in Jericho and it pulls up assorted Jericho groups. Click on Join Group. That automatically makes you a member of an extended network. I joined a bunch.
It's not difficult to make a page unless you do all the pimping. Feel free to check my page, add me as a friend, and ask if you have any questions.

6. You can add friends here which means you can browse and click on somebody's picture or the Add as a friend button. People may add you in which case you will get an email to accept or decline.It just takes a little time to explore and see how everything works.

7. Feel free to ask if you need more help.

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lisa q. said...

just sent you a myspace friend request...what a fabulous idea!!! :P