Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jericho and Social Engineering

Here's a little background for this post.

Blogger A wrote a funny post that some Rangers didn't find amusing so they launched a personal attack on her that went on for days. Blogger B comes along and uses Blogger A's post to continue the debacle. Blogger A comments on Blogger B's post that she now hates Jericho because of the attacks on her. Another poster says she won't watch Jericho now either. So, when I found this post today I knew I wanted everybody to read it.

Posted by k4ist/Doobie Nielsen(I have permission to post it here)

" I thought, in light of a spectacular blunder, that some thoughts towards how to tailor our blog comments and responses to mainstream media stories was in order.
Much of this stuff, we regulars here are aware of, but since we've got some new users and viewers coming along, it bears repeating. Everyone feel free to add comments or experiences, or share your knowledge.

First off, I made a statement on a CBS thread that I think is a good overall guideline..."Treat these people like you are trying to borrow money from them". Get it? Pander to their vanities...compliment them on their writings or ideas...if it's a blog, take the time to read some non Jericho related content and get a feel for what this person is all about. Get to know them and their style...picture this person as sitting right in front of you and and tailor your comments to what appears to make them tick. When you've got a good feel for the person...go in for the kill. Pick an aspect of Jericho that you feel will interest them...if we get the slightest bit of interest, the show will do the rest to pull them in.

Same goes for mainstream media...take care not to interfere with a journalists' work. All above applies here with that one big caveat...don't get in the way of this person doing what they do for a living.

On the other boards...encouragement for good ideas...respectful direction for the ideas that aren't so good or need work or are just outright dangerous.

Just some general thoughts to start. I really believe in this social engineering stuff...I've seen it work...I've used it myself to great success, and even though I do have reservations about basically being somewhat deceitful in my actual interest level in the's a tool that we need to embrace and use to it's fullest advantage."

Thanks. I couldn't have said it better.

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