Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Promoting Jericho

There has been a lot of discussion today about how to promote Jericho. Instead of a tutorial today I'd like to address some of the issues raised as well as a few ideas.

1. Are we fragmented? To a degree I think we are. Many of our fellow Rangers left us when CBS announced that they were giving us 7 more episodes. Part of the reason may be that they feel we won and there was no more work to do or they may plan to come back when Jericho airs this Fall. It's also summertime and people are enjoying other activities.

2. Since there are fewer of us it will fall on us to make it appear our numbers are larger than they are. We need more people digging and commenting. We need to post on every forum we can find that will let us talk Jericho. The digging and commenting is going much better for now.

3. We're doing great reaching friends and family but as Memles said that's not enough. We need to extend our arms to embrace everybody. This is difficult because in most marketing plans you learn who your target audience is then you direct all activity towards them. We know that our target is everybody and the way you market to a 60 year old likely won't work with a 10 year old.

4. I have two ideas I'd like to pitch because I can't do them alone.
First, I think an e-book that we could give away could be effective. Why? Because some people like the survival nature of Jericho while others are attracted by the characters. An e-book could appeal to a wide audience. There could be survival tips, character and actor bios, maybe some fan fiction. Anything we wanted. It's just not enough to ask people repeadly to watch. We can give them a reason to want to.
I do not have the expertise to make an e-book. HTML and PDF are foreign to me. If some of us got together and combined our skills we could do it. Let me know if you can help.

5. I have all the names of all the blogs that covered us from the beginning. We don't want to overwhelm them so that they just want us to go away but groups of us could split the blogs and make sure they remember we're here. We could send an email saying Comic Con or the convention is coming up and we hope we can count on you for some coverage. Sometimes I make a comment and work Jericho into it. We have to be creative in our approach.

We still need to reach friends and family, pass out flyers, and do everything we've been doing but we also need to reach more and more people. We need those high profile bloggers back. Plus, we need to make the newspapers and magazines report on us again.

I'll look forward to your responses and I'll post again as to how it's going.

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SaveJake said...

I agree we need to stick with the basics and stay diligent. I have looked for help on the eBook and can't seem to find anyone with both the knowledge and the time. Thank you for all the time you've devoted to our campaign.
I hope our original members come back sooner rather than later!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you. It's been a pleasure. I'll keep looking around for an e-book person. You never know.
Thanks for commenting.

dani said...

Something we are trying to be creative until we are trying to reinvent the wheel.. we shouldn't.. eBook is a proven method.. reuse it..

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for your comment. Guess there won't be an e-book until I find somebody to help.