Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DropJack and Jericho

DropJack is a site much like Digg except you don't have to click on a button like Digg has. I do have a button on this blog but not every blog will have one. You do not have to click on a DropJack button to submit a story or vote on one but you do have to register. This is a good way to take the Google Alert articles about Jericho and submit them for more people to see. It's an easy process.

Anyone can submit news stories, boost (jack it) a story's ranking, drop a story's ranking (drop it) and/or post comments.

After registration you can, if you wish:
Vote on a story
Check your Inbox for messages received.
Review posting history. A member's Profile page has 7 tabs - Personal info, Submitted, Published, Upcoming, Commented, Voted, and Saved - which are fairly self-explanatory but in brief allow you to:

- modify your personal profile
- review a list of your previously submitted news stories
- review a list of your previously published news stories
- check upcoming stories (i.e. submitted but not yet published)
- peruse member comments about stories submitted by you
- review votes cast for your submissions in date order (recent - oldest)
- read news stories you have saved to your member account

View people you have added as friends as well as those who have added you as a friend.

Search the DropJack member base.

Add Friends to your Member Profile simply by clicking on the Posted by "username" link and then the "Add 'username' to my friends" link.

To submit a news story, simply click the "Submit a new story" tab on any DropJack page. Follow the instructions on each succeeding page. Once you have submitted your story, it will appear in the Upcoming News section.

The more Jericho articles we can get posted on here the better. You can use the search to check for articles about Jericho then give them a vote.


openminded1 said...

Thank you again for this wonderful asset to the Jericho fan community. You have been an inegral part of the efforts to save the show, always working along steadily with no desire for attention. I am honored to work with you and play with you at RFJ.


Jericho Saved said...

Thank you. Without RFJ I'd never have had the support I have now in all I do. I am honored to be a part of RFJ and know that we are all doing our part to keep Jericho alive.