Friday, July 20, 2007

Fishing For Jericho Viewers

Someone asked me again last night how to find Nielsen viewers. I replied, as I always do, that we cannot just look for Nielsen viewers because we don't know who they are. This means we have to look for all viewers. Today I'd like to mention one way of finding new viewers.

Go to Google and type in " message boards" Jericho and you will get a list of 372,000. Imagine if we could post on the majority of them and most are related to our Jericho. For example, they're talking Jericho at I know some of those fans can be fanatic about their team so they might give us a try.

There are the usual boards like those at AOL and Yahoo then there's even Jericho talk at the courttv boards. How about a board for Aerosmith fans? Yep, they're talking Jericho too. Here are just a few more:

If you watch any shows on any networks/cable check their message boards. You don't even have to mention Jericho. Use a Jericho avatar or put something about Jericho in your signature. Think about what Jericho is about. Who does it attract?

Try forums about preparedness, survival, nuclear attack. I found some viewers once on a board about Avian Flu. Try boards about the stars themselves. There are lots of celebrity sites. Creativity is the key.

Forget about who might be a Nielsen viewer and concentrate on casting a huge net
to catch all new viewers. There just may be some Nielsen families in that net when you pull it up.

And, when you visit a website or blog to leave a comment there's often a space that asks for your url. If you don't have one why not use the url of your favorite message board about Jericho?

Feel free to send me your ideas.

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