Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jericho: Games

"TV networks launch multimedia games to keep viewers buzzing
CBS used a mixed-media puzzle involving online clues and outdoor billboards to stimulate interest in its cerebral detective show “Numb3rs.” The puzzle is just one example of how online and offline marketing combinations are being used in a bid to promote TV shows, capture new audiences and hold current viewers’ interest. Shows like ABC’s “Lost” and “Jericho” on CBS have used similar strategies."

"If the strike lasts another four to six weeks, it could spell the end for 2008 pilot production. The most-circulated scenario in that case involves the networks renewing all their existing series for next fall, producing their pilots in the summer and launching their new crop of shows in midseason 2009."

"CBS will hope to bring some magic to the broadcast network with the decidedly un-family-friendly serial-killer thriller "Dexter" and perhaps other series from sister cable network Showtime.

"It probably speaks to how much they need scripted product," Brill said. "They probably have the least backup of any network. There are seven episodes of 'Jericho.' Maybe they are wishing they had gotten more."

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fmtv1 said...

You've peaked my interest. How does CBS bring these type of shows to their channel? I'm very curious. Off to investigate!

thanks for the updates.