Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jericho Goodies

"So, back from a few days off and it takes me half a day to plow through 400+ e-mails (I kid you not; I wish I was), check voice mail, do some housekeeping and figure out what news took place in my absence. Thank goodness the new season of Jericho was announced before I headed out!

Anyway, I promised to discuss various ways we could get behind our beloved show and make sure enough folks see it so it gets renewed for a full third season, but it appears I have lots of Jericho goodness to share before getting to that. I’ll hit ‘em fast:"

For Spanish speaking Jericho Fans:

"Negotiations have broken off for the time being at least, but it's still important to understand what's at issue. There are now several recent proposals that have been publicly disclosed, as I had hoped would be the case (see WGA Strike - Confusion Reigns). What deal points are on the table and how far apart are the parties? I've written a very detailed memo, which includes references to supporting documents. A caveat - the studios have not described their proposal in detail, whereas the Guild has described both parties' proposals in detail; so, the description of the studios' proposal is based on the Guild's description."

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