Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jericho Time-Shifted Numbers In

Time-Shifted Numbers are in.

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Excellent article.

"Newspaper circulation figures miss the millions of people who prefer to read news and features online. And conventional overnight and weekly Nielsen TV ratings don't capture viewers who now watch shows at their convenience online or on DVRs, VOD and portable devices.

In television, technology seems to give Nielsen Media Research a better handle on audience habits. Its People Meter boxes, installed in homes of survey participants, automatically record when a TV set is on, the channel being watched, and - when people take the trouble to push the right buttons - who's in the room.

The biggest change this year is Nielsen's decision to include viewers who don't watch a show live as it is broadcast via the airwaves or cable. Weekly ratings now also include people who watch a program any time on the same day it airs - the cutoff is 3:00 AM. And beginning with the TV season that started in September, networks cut ad deals based on the number of people who watch a program up to three days after the air date.

While this certainly provides for a more complete picture, the new statistics still don't tell us how many people watch a show or network in all of its venues."


SaveJake said...

Am I understanding this correctly? We actually have 8+ million from Ep. 2, so last weeks numbers should be even better than we thought?!

Jericho Returns said...

These numbers are for Feb. 11-17 so this was for the Pilot.

Yes, 8+ million. Shows where people are watching.

SaveJake said...

Oh lost my head! Thanks!!! :)