Saturday, March 8, 2008

Online: CBS Ad Rates

"CBS said ad spots for TV shows it airs on its online "Audience Network" are selling for more than $20 per thousand viewers -- a higher rate than the network charges when it broadcasts the same shows on your TV in prime time. There's two ways to view a stat like that. The first: It shows that the CBS's online audience is much smaller than its broadcast one. CPMs are a function of both price and reach. But the more positive view is that the price also reflects the fact that online viewers tend to be more engaged with the advertising and a lot younger than network TV (median age 38, compared to 53 for TV)." The fourth Jericho blog carnival Thanks to Amy at RemoteAccess "Is anyone else out there a "Jericho" fan? When I first saw this "new" flag of the "Allied States of America", I thought, "WTF?" And, for the last few episodes, every time they show it, every time they take down the flag of the United States and put up the new flag, I can't help but have a feeling of queasy unease. I guess that's the first question I would ask if we would have to reconstitute ourselves, would we choose a new flag? The Iraqis have tried to do it twice without much success."

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