Friday, March 7, 2008

Quincy Smith: Diving In

"The bigger question: What does CBS plan to do with a small company - now around 16 people -- that makes web video? Digital boss Quincy Smith says that deal was meaningful for CBS -- "2006 was the year of experimentation. We're not just touching our toes in the water anymore." -- but is also clear about the big picture: CBS isn't going to shift its core focus from making and distributing broadcast TV shows. We're not quite sure where that leaves the Wallstrip guys -- there's a lot of talk about "infusing their DNA" into CBS, which confuses us a bit -- but we're happy to watch their stuff, regardless."

"The other Tuesday night SF show had much lower numbers by comparison but still showed fair ratings for the LIVE watching crowd. “Jericho” garnered a 1.8/5 share for its efforts, or close to 6 million fans tuning in. While that is nothing to hoop and holler about, this is one particular show that has shown it does much better with the TiVo/DVR crowd and it will be interesting to see what those numbers reveal. After the gripping, and quite shocking conclusion to this Tuesday’s episode, “Jericho” has proven it deserves a third season. We can only hope that CBS is sharp enough to realize that."

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