Thursday, March 6, 2008

Missing Bonnie Richmond

It was a sad episode of Jericho this week when Bonnie died. I will really miss her and Shoshannah as well. Thank you, Shoshannah, for all the hard work you did for Jericho. You are a fine actress and I'll be watching you spread your wings and soar again soon.

Kudos to Emily Rose for her fine performances. I love that she's joined the cast and hope she returns for Season 3. She is impressive.

Finally, I've always liked Skeet and still do but this man's talent has burst forth this season. He seems to be putting his all into every scene and it shows. We appreciate Skeet.

Congratulations to Nina Tassler. Thank you for your efforts.

"CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler will be honored with the National Champion for Children Award by the Alliance for Children’s Rights at a March 10 gala in Beverly Hills.

According to the organization, Tassler is being honored “for her dedication and commitment to the organization’s mission. She is a strong advocate for children living in poverty in the Los Angeles area and has played an active role for the Alliance for Children’s Rights, most recently attending and supporting a Thanksgiving dinner for youth who have aged out of foster care without a family or permanent support system.”


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